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Rejections In Voucher (Sales Returns)

A Rejections In Voucher is used to record goods that are rejected and returned by the customer.
To enter the Rejections In Voucher

1. From F11: Inventory Features , Enable the option Use rejection inward and outward notes .
2. Go to Gateway of Tally > Inventory Vouchers.
3. Press Ctrl+F6 or select the button F6: Rej. In from the Button Bar.
 For example, customer A returns Item A delivered by the company.

4. Select the Party’s name from the List of Ledger Accounts , from whom the goods have being returned.
5. Once Party’s name is selected under Ledger Account , this column will be automatically populated with address, if provided in the Ledger Master creation screen.
6. Select the Item from the List of Stock Items . Press Enter button on the Item, it will display the Item Allocations screen

7. Under the List of Tracking Numbers, the details of Delivery note along with Tracking number will be displayed, select the same. Mention the quantities returned.
Note : In F12 configuration , Show Batch Wise Details and Show Godown – wise Details will show the batch and godown details in the voucher entry screen, if set to Yes .

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