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Practice question of carbon for chs class 09

         Practice question:-
1.The nature of the chemical bond in diamond is:-
(a) Ionic                   (b)Covalent
(c) Coordinate        (d) Metalic
2.The most hardest substance form of carbon is:-
(a) Graphite            (b) Diamond
(c) Lamp black       (d) Charcoal
3.Which one of the following forms of coal has the lowest percentage of carbon?
(a) Peat                   (b) Lignite
(c) Bituminous        (d) Anthracite
4.Which one of following is not an allotrope of carbon?
(a) Graphite             (b) Diamond
(c) Coal                     (d) Carborundum
5.Which property of graphite is used for making electrodes?
(a) Soft and slippery    (b) Opaque
(c) Good conductor of electricity
(d) None of the above
6.A man slept in closed room with a coal fire burning room .He became unconscious due to the formation of
(a) Carbon dioxide in room  (b) Coke
(c)  Carboxyhaemoglobin in his blood                                         
 (d) Charcoal
7.Dry ice is a
(a) Solid ice without water
(b) Solid carbon dioxide
(c) solid sulphate dioxide
(d) Solid benzene
8.Which one of yhe following gas will turn the lime water milky?
(a)Co2                    (b) Co
(c) N2                     (d) Cl2
9.Carbon is soluble in
(a) conc.H2SO4         (b) conc. HCl
(c)conc.HNO3            (d) dil.HCL
10.When graphite is heated at extremely high pressure and at very high temperature,the product obtain is
(a)Carbon dioxide       (b) Diamond
(c) Carbon monoxide  (d) Peat
11.Soda ash is
(a)  NaHCO3                            (b)Na2CO3
(c) CaCO3                                 (d)Ca(HCO3)2
12. Lime stone is chemically
13.Graphite is used in nuclear reactor
(a) as a lubricant
(b) as a fuel
(c) for lining the inner side of the reactor as an insulator
(d) for reducing the velocity of neutrons
14.The product obtained by the incomplete combustion of organic compound is
(a) CO
(b) CO2
(c) CH2
(d) C2H4
15. Which property of diamond makes it useful for cutting glass?
(a) Bad conductor of electricity
(b) Hardest substance
(c) High density
(d) Transparent

1.(b)  2.(b) 3.(a)  4.(d) 5.(c) 6.(c) 7.(b) 8.(a) 9.(c) 10.(b) 11.(b) 12.(b) 13.(d) 14.(a) 15.(b)

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