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Practice question of force and pressure for chs class 9

Force and pressure:-
1.The most characteristic property of liquid is
(a) elasticity                (b) fluidity
(b) formlessness        (d) volume conservation
2.A steel ball is floating in a touch of mercury. If we fill the empty part of the trough with water, what, what will happen to steel ball?
(a) It will continue in its position
(b) It will move up
(c) It will move down
(d) It will execute vertical oscillations
3.The maximum pressure in the bottle filled with water is maximum
(a) in the middle the of the bottle
(b) at the top the bottle
(c) first at top then in the middle
(d) in the bottom of the bottle
4.The bottom of dam is made thick due to
( a) the water exert low pressure
(b) it is a custom
(c) it look beautiful
(d) the water exert more pressure on bottom wall
5.The pressure on earth will  be less the man is
(a) lying
(b) sitting
(c) standing by one foot
(d) standing by two feet
 6.What will be pressure when 30N force is applied on 120 cm2 area ?
(a) 2.5*103N/m2
(b) 5*104N/m2
(d) 5*103N/m2
7. A body has weight 50N in air. After immersing completely in liquid its weight is 20 N. Then, the buoyant force on the body will be
(a) 30 N
(b) 70 N
(c)2.5 N
(d) None of these
8.In a glass of water the ice piece is floating such that the  some part of ice is above the water .If the ice melt completely ,then level of water
(a) will remain same
(b) will increase
(c) can increase or decrease
(d)will decrease
9.Water ,mercury and sprit are filled in some pots one by one .In which of following pots pressure will be maximum of the pots?
(a) mercury pot
(b) sprit pot
(c) water pot
(d) None of these
10.The weight of body in water is 8N which displace 2.5 N water , then weight of the body in air is
(a) 10.5 N
(b) 6.5 N
(c) 8 N9a
(d)none of these
1(d) 2(b) 3(d) 4(d) 5(a) 6(a) 7(a) 8(a) 9(a) 10(a)

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